"Auxilio assisted me on project based work. They were proactive and 100% reliable during the entire project - I never had to worry about anything knowing it was very safe in their hands. Their attention to detail was superb. This allowed me to focus on bigger issues at hand, which helped to finalise the project much quicker then expected"

Sohini Pramanick, Owner of ThoughtVine Consulting

"Auxilio Support are a reliable pair of hands that help with various business admin duties. Their assistance always exceeds our expectations and allows us to spend our time on key priorities within the business"

Cat & Thuy, Owners of Nooki Design

"We were able to continue to drive our business strategy knowing that Auxilio Support was finalizing behind the scene projects. Lara was able to jump in seamlessly and deliver spot on results as promised. Her experience, attention to detail, and energy was exactly what we needed to finish our project. Lara contributed a fresh perspective and was a fantastic partner while she worked with us."

Shelley Petrie, Founder of P3Shoes Inc.